Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Have a Website‽

Why doesn't the interrobang punctuation mark exist on computer keyboards? 

This question has plagued me since I decided on the name of this blog post. 

I am a very deep thinker. 


to my website...

Typing those words is still a bit foreign and off-putting to me, but I have a good reason to start this website. 


I always thought adventure solely meant that you needed to jump on a car, train, plane, boat and leave, physically, whatever place you are inhabiting. But after doing this (on a plane), I have discovered that adventure is both a mental and a physical journey. You can move to Bali tomorrow, but if you are not spiritually, intellectually open, you are only experiencing a small part of the adventure. 

I hope that this website will enable me to take an adventure with fellow bloggers, readers, lovers, and writers of young adult literature.

So, to find out more, take a look at the tabs up top. It took me two days to figure out how to make them. That's commitment. And lack of computer literacy. 

And as they say in my hometown of Nerdfighteria


Don't Forget to Be Awesome. 

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