Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Updates Galore!

Lately, I have been busy. This is a new feeling for me, particularly when I don't have academia breathing down my neck, though I do miss the smell of semi-worn paper in the morning. 

Here's what has been keeping me preoccupied. 

Last month, I wrote a blog post for Teen Librarian Toolbox's #SVYAlit Project (Sexual Violence in Young Adult Literature). I highly recommend you check out this important and necessary endeavor to educate all about sexual abuse/violence. The post was about the excellent novel The S Word by Chelsea Pitcher. It was a pleasure to read this book, and I hope my post gives justice to it and the topics at hand. 

Here's an excerpt: 
Books like The S Word are necessary for dialogue about sexual violence/abuse, particularly for teenagers. It captures the world of high school in such a dynamic and powerful way. There is no sugar coating. There is instead a raw, emotional story about the consequences of assumption and passivity. I left this story feeling more informed, more aware, more human. YA never fails me in this regard.
Secondly, the Reader's Guide for Kerri Majors's This is Not a Writing Manual is finally out for the world to view! Thank you to Kerri, Claudean Wheeler (designer), and Rachel Randall (editor) for giving me the wonderful opportunity to create these questions, and giving them this fantastic presence and look. It once again reminds me that literary pursuits can never simply be solitary ones. 

Finally, from the brilliant mind of Katie Locke and my minimal experience and knowledge of Tumblr HTML code, Shark Week Stories was created.

I will let the Conduct of Code page from the blog give you the lowdown: 
Shark Week Stories is a project devoted to Young Adult literature and stories about menstruation. This project celebrates diversity in all its forms, and invites stories from all storytellers with all our genders, races, religions, sexual orientations, ages, backgrounds, and levels of experiences in sharing stories & writing.
We have posted three amazing nonfiction pieces thus far, but we would love more! So, please consider submitting stories about menstruation, both fiction and nonfiction, and spreading the word.


Writing this has puckered me out.

I will now go and read a book.

I know how to do that.


Post Scriptum:

I just finished reading the AMAZING, BRILLIANT, NO-WORDS-TO-DESCRIBE, To All My Fans, With Love, From Sylvie by Ellen Conford.

All I can say is, READ THIS.

And check out all the other extraordinary books published by Lizzie Skurnick Books. They do not disappoint. 


I had to look up synonyms for "fantastic." I am too excited about EVERYTHING. 

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