You can get in touch with me by:


lkeochgerien at gmail dot com

Due to YARN and my experience at a campus literary magazine, where the majority of  the decisions are made via email, I tend to respond in a short span of time. I do not think I will ever be able to shake this habit. 

Yes, I am on this 140 character monster of social media. I also tweet on YARN's account alongside our Twitter and Outreach person-of-awesomeness, Brianna Robinson. It is fun. I have come to the conclusion that queuing for social media is a very complex, demanding science - a  virtual Rubik's cube if you will. Someday, I will solve it. 


I utilize this online tool to compose the longest to-be-read list in the history of literature. I am, currently, up to 2037 books. Hello, my name is Lourdes, and I am a book title hoarder.