Credentials & Testimonials


As the Editor-at-Large on YARN - The Young Adult Review Network, my duties are varied and detail oriented:

  • Participate in the selection process through submission reading of fiction and essays
  • Solicit interviews and writings from established and new authors
  • Maintain social media marketing campaigns
  • Keep up-to-date on all the young adult literature happenings
  • Design and implement outreach campaigns
  • Collaborate on all editorial projects, including annual National Poetry Month, and special events like the National Book Foundation's Up All Night tribute to Young People's Literature National Book nominees. (I wrote our letter to Pete Hautman!)

More recently, I have ventured into the world of readers' guides, specifically for young adult literature audiences. These have included:

Additionally, I had the honor of being the Spanish consultant for Latitude Zero as I am a native Spanish speaker.


Here's Diana Renn discussing my readers' guides:

My publishing team and I are extremely pleased with the two readers' guides Lourdes wrote for my YA novels. Lourdes read both of my books quickly yet carefully. She came up with about thirty insightful discussion questions for each one. The questions dealt with issues of story, theme, characters, genre, and style, and provided readers with opportunities for analysis, reflection, and creative response. We worked collaboratively to narrow down and refine the questions, which was tremendously fun. Lourdes reads widely and deeply, and it was fascinating to see my book from various angles, based on her questions and prompts. In just a few weeks, for an excellent price, I had rich content for professional-quality readers' guides.

And my Spanish language consulting:

Lourdes read a late-draft of my YA novel to check my usage of certain Spanish words and phrases, as well as certain cultural references specific to Latin America. I was impressed by the care with which she handled this manuscript. She provided me with links to websites and pages in a Spanish style guide to clarify particular issues, and this information was appreciated as well by my publisher during the copy editing stage of the book. Lourdes gently suggested alternatives when my usage was off, and worked with me to find the best nuance of my phrasing. Subsequently, readers who hail from the country I wrote about have been impressed by the accuracy of the Spanish as well as the cultural references. Lourdes saved me from making a number of embarrassing errors, and I now have great peace of mind!

Here's Kerri Majors talking about my YARN editorial work:

I knew Lourdes as an undergraduate, where I had the pleasure of working with her on her thesis, and on the campus literary magazine where she rose to the role of Editor. She was always extremely responsible, capable, detail-oriented, and a total self-starter. I could always rely on her to get the work done, even in a short amount of time. But more than that, I was always thrilled when she came to my office because I knew we'd have a great conversation about YA or some other literary matter. She is a deep and thoughtful reader who has read a great deal, and she consistently searches to understand the context of what she's reading. So of course I had to invite her to join YARN, and YARN would not be YARN without her. From the very beginning through now, she has been my stalwart, trusted advisor on all things YA; she is full of excellent ideas for editorial and outreach projects, and I am so grateful to know I can always say, "Could you help?" and know she will--and exceed my expectations. 

And my readers' guides:

Lourdes's uniquely gleeful love of literature coupled with her serious respect and admiration for writers and young readers make Lourdes an excellent creator of Readers' Guides. She knows what readers will want to talk about, and what writers will hope that they discuss, and she delivered precisely those kinds of questions for my book. I gave her very little guidance, in part because I was curious to see what another reader would pluck out of the text, and I was very impressed by the scope of her questions, and the way they connected to texts and ideas beyond my book, prompting readers to think and discuss with context and creativity. In addition to providing a large number of questions addressing every major section and theme of my book, she delivered the work in a timely manner, and was open to feedback and some editing before I submitted them to my own editor. 

Here's Suzie Townsend discussing my work with Nightingale's Nest:

Working with Lourdes was fabulous. The turn around time was fast, her questions were in-depth and thought provoking, and I couldn't be happier with the results.