Who Am I?

Guten tag!

I am Lourdes Keochgerien, Editor-at-Large for YARN- The Young Adult Review Network. YARN is an award-winning literary magazine that publishes outstanding short fiction, essays, and poetry from established YA writers and fresh new voices, including teens! I have been involved with the site since its inception in 2010, beginning  as a YA Consultant and Reader due to my fervent love of young adult literature and my inability to stop reading it once I was no longer a teenager. Recently, this unyielding passion led to a promotion.

I am a graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University with a B.A. in English Language and Literature, and a minor in Spanish Language and Literature. I was an assistant editor, then co-editor , of the campus's literary magazine Knightscapes, completed an honor's thesis languidly entitled, "The Odyssey of the YA Label: From Ambiguity to Certainty," and worked for three years as an Assistant to the Children's Librarian at a public library.

Currently, I am living overseas and hope to continue my studies when I return to the states. In the interim, attempting to keep up with the tidal wave of YA coming out has kept me quite busy. Also, my greedy consumption of alfajores